1-One Inch Aluminum Screw Post

1-One Inch Aluminum Screw Post
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  • Item #: AL 130012
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One (1) inch aluminum screw posts.Post only. Referred to as the Chicago Screw or Chicago Screw Post. Great for document binding including photo albums, engineering drawings, sample books and menus.  The screw and post are made from industrial grade anodized aluminum.  This aluminum post has a diameter of 0.1875 inch.  It will fit comfortably in 0.25 (quarter) inch diameter holes.  Aluminum post length is 1 (one) inch.  Avoid over loading the post, make sure the screw head meets the top of the post.  Finger tight should be good for most applications.  For a more secure hold, tighten the screw head with a coin or screwdriver.  Perfect for small documents.  Quantity of 15 aluminum screw posts per package.

AL130012       15 Sm Pkg